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Here at The Ruly Bully, our goal is to help make having a pup easier, cheaper, and more fun.  We love dog enrichment and do a lot of work with our pups with the goal to have as many positive experiences as we can!  Although our work is primarily geared toward bully breeds, like our own pups, our work is perfect for any dog breed!  We give suggestions for modifying any equipment or activities for both larger & smaller dogs.

We’ve been through a lot of different experiences raising our two pitties, Goomba & Prim.  From recurring skin issues, MCTs, & torn CCLs to reactivity, we know that having a dog isn’t always rainbows & unicorns.  We know every dog isn’t the same, so if you run into an issue that isn’t addressed in one of our articles, feel free to send us a message and we’ll try our best to help you work past it.

Thanks for stopping by, & most importantly, remember to have fun with your pup!